LWML - Lutheran Women's Missionary League

LWML - Lutheran Women's Missionary League

Lutheran Women's Missionary League is the women's auxillary of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. We use our God-given gifts and talents to share the love of Jesus and serve our neighbors.


What does St. Paul LWML do?


We Sell Christmas Cards and Host Bake Sales – LWML sells boxes of Christmas cards between services beginning around Thanksgiving. We sell the cards from the closet in the hallway by the church office. LWML hosts Bake Sales on special Sundays, such as Father’s Day. The proceeds from these sales benefit different mission projects as decided by the St. Paul LWML group. In the past, proceeds have benefited missions such as the Seminary Food Bank and the Joint Seminary Fund.

All About LWML Mites

Mite boxes are used to further God's kingdom through the mission grants selected by delegates at district and national conventions. Twenty-five percent of the mite offering is sent to the national LWML for national mission grants, and the remaining 75 percent is used for Texas District mission grants. Place your Mite Box wherever you can feed it: dressing table, office desk, laundry room, car, kitchen counter, etc. You mite want to give a Mite Box to family members and friends!

Project Comfort and Lutheran World Relief

Jesus promises that those who mourn shall be comforted. Among us are Lutherans living out this Beatitude, helping God's mercy come alive for those who mourn the loss of homes, land, and livelihood—especially after the devastation of disasters and wars. Lutheran parish groups share comfort in the form of quilts , soap , layettes and school, sewing, and health kits to send to far-away places. ST. Paul LWML accepts items at any time, but we do a special drive for soap and school supplies in the spring.

Collect Commemorative Stamps

Collect commemorative stamps that are sold to stamp dealers. The proceeds assist Texas District LWML to mail items collected for Lutheran World Relief. Please drop off your stamps in the box on the shelf in the hallway by the big Mite box.

Collect Soup Labels and Ink Jet Cartridges

Collect Soup labels from Campbell's cans. Collect Ink Jet Cartridges to be recycled. The soup labels and ink jet cartridges are sent to benefit a school in Serbin, Texas. Please save your labels and drop them off in the box on the shelf in the hallway by the big Mite box.


Lutheran World Relief Collection

Please help us support the efforts of Lutheran World Relief by donating soap, health and school kits - or the supplies to make them. You can get a list of items on the Lutheran World Relief web site or at the LWML bulletin board at church.